7 things you need to know about violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls is still a major global issue. So what are the first steps to saving lives? Knowing the facts, and changing minds.

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Here are seven facts you need to know.
  1. Women and girls have a right to live a life free from violence. Yet, violence against women and girls is a major cause of injury and death for women and girls all around the world, including here in Australia.
  2. Of all women killed around the world every year, about half are murdered by intimate male partners or family members. So far this year in Australia, about 50 women have been murdered by current or ex- male partners.
  3. Worldwide, an estimated 150 million girls have been sexually abused. In Australia, one in ten women has experience sexual abused in the first 15 years of life.
  4. Globally and in Australia, men are most responsible for violence against girls and women. In Australia, 95 per cent of all perpetrators were male.
  5. Violence against women and girls is unacceptable because it is an affront to human dignity. When men and boys use violence against girls and women to control how they speak, work and participate in society, it robs them of their basic freedom to become who they want to be.
  6. Men and boys with sexist attitudes are more likely to abuse women and girls or tolerate this violence. These harmful attitudes are usually tied up with negative ideas about what it means to be male and women’s inferior role to men. Gender attitudes in society also impact on whether victim survivors will seek help or whether police will intervene and prosecute offenders.
  7. The best way to tackle violence against women and girls is for all members of society – government, communities and individuals – to work together to challenge negative attitudes about gender equality and violence against women and girls. Because sexist attitudes are created by society, people from that society can come together to challenge these harmful ideas about gender.

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