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A world where girls are valued as equals. A world where every child can thrive.

Who We Are

Plan International is a global independent development and humanitarian organisation. We know that there is nowhere in the world where girls are treated as equals. We work alongside children, young people, supporters and partners to tackle root causes of the injustices facing girls and the most marginalised children.

Young people take the lead

We recognise the power and potential of every single child. When young people are heard, they drive incredible change.

Every two seconds a girl becomes a child bride somewhere in the world.

But with the support of our global community including thousands of Australians like you these young people saw child marriage fully outlawed in Malawi.

Every two seconds 

Climate change threatens the futures of children across the globe.

But students in Myanmar are taking a leading role in protecting their communities against climate change backed by supporters like you.

Climate change threatens 

Girls are missing out on school because they have their period.

But students (including boys!) in Uganda are smashing taboos so that girls are no longer embarrassed to go to school thanks to supporters like you and a grant from the Australian Government.

Girls missing out 

How we work

Plan International works in more than 75 countries towards a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Our Australian office, Plan International Australia program to support children in more than 25 countries and fund and support sponsorship programs across the federation.

Where Plan International Australia Works

Plan International Australia funded or operated programs
Plan International Programs
Plan International Fundraising and Program Support Office*
*Note India, Colombia and Australia are dual fundraising and program countries.


We work with local partners who know their stuff. We work with local and national governments to change policies that hold children and girls back. We work with communities, children and young people to tackle the root causes of poverty, exclusion and discrimination with a focus on girls.

Meet Frieda. She works for our partner Live & Learn Environmental Education Solomon Islands where many communities lack access to toilets and have to go in the sea or water streams resulting in many of them getting sick. At just 30 years old she goes into communities and gets chiefs, communities members and students on board to change the way they go to the toilet. She’s passionate about driving change in her country and we can’t think of anyone better suited to the job.


How you can get involved

Whether you support our projects financially, take action to drive policy change here or overseas, join an event to raise awareness or come into our office to volunteer your time, our work is only possible with you.

Our supporters believe that all children everywhere deserve safety, health, education, love, belonging and equality.

Stand with us. Stand for equality.

How we support our work

Want to know how we support our work? We’re grateful for the generosity of the Australian public and the backing of the Australian government who stand behind our projects. Our priority is ensuring that our funds go towards sustainable projects with the vast majority of our funds going to our overseas work. To do that, we need to ensure we build strong teams here and overseas, we need public awareness and support and we need systems in place that ensure we can work effectively as a global organisation.

So know that when a small percentage of your donation goes towards our administration, that you’re also supporting our work for the long term.


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Together we can create a safer, fairer world for all children and girls. You can be a part of it.

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