We’re working with local Fijian partners to ensure families and communities are prepared for when disasters strike. We promote and protect the rights of all children in the Pacific region.


  • Eight Pacific countries are among the world’s top 20 countries most affected in terms of annual losses from disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes and tsunami.
  • Rising youth unemployment, increase in urbanisation, poor access to water and sanitation, lack of quality education, rising inequality, the effects of climate change.
  • The Pacific region has some of the poorest development indicators for women and girls.


Since 2011, Plan International Australia in partnership with Partner in Community Development Fiji has been implementing projects that work with communities to ensure they are better prepared for natural disasters. Drawing on knowledge from the project meant those communities were better equipped to prepare before the cyclone hit.

We have a major focus on climate change adaption so that children and their families are educated and empowered to implement climate smart solutions. We are also ensuring that disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation are taught in schools where we work.

Our work in Fiji is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as part of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) Disaster Ready program