Sponsor A Child In Indonesia


We've been working in partnership with local communities in Indonesia since 1969 to provide the country's poorest children with access to better healthcare and education, and keep them protected.


Despite Indonesia's recent economic growth, poverty remains a considerable problem.
  • More than a third of children suffer from stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
  • Around 56% of people living in rural areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Many children die of preventable or treatable diseases - 152,000 each year don't live to see their fifth birthday.
Indonesian children learning in Aceh
Children learning at a school that was rebuilt by Plan International after the Boxing Day Tsunami.
Boys tend to fruit garden in Indonesia
Boys look after a fruit garden at their school supported by Plan International.
Weighing baby at Indonesian Health Post
A community health volunteer, trained by Plan International, weighs a baby at a local health centre.

How we're helping

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children in Indonesia die before their fifth birthday. So Plan International is setting up groups where parents learn about their children's needs and ways to keep them healthy, happy and safe. They then spread the knowledge gained throughout their community.

Of particular concern are water borne diseases like diarrhoea, which kill thousands of children every year.

We are improving access to clean water and hygiene facilities, and supporting a campaign to encourage more children to wash their hands with soap. These activities help to reduce the instances of diarrhoea.

And protecting children is central to everything we do, from campaigning against child marriage and violence in schools to working with families to better prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters.