Sponsor A Child In Cambodia


We have been working in partnership with local communities in Cambodia since 2002, helping children to access their rights to education, health and protection.


Poverty, disease and a lack of knowledge mean malnutrition is a major problem in Cambodia - most children show some signs of malnourishment and 45% have experienced stunted growth.
  • More than one in 12 children die before their fifth birthday.
  • Many people lack access to safe drinking water or hygienic sanitation.
  • Schools are poorly equipped and teachers inadequately trained.
  • Abuse and exploitation of children is widespread.
Boys eating in Cambodia
Boys eating a nutritious breakfast at school, with support from Plan International.
Noya with her chicken in Cambodia
Noya proudly holding a chicken which she learnt to raise through a Plan International vocational training program.
Boys collecting water in Cambodia
Boys fill up a water container at a school supported by Plan International.

How we're helping

Preschool gives children the best possible start to their education and a better chance of escaping a life of poverty, so we are building and equipping new preschools, recruiting and training teachers, and setting up groups for parents so they know how to help their children learn and develop.

We are also educating children and their parents on how to grow and cook healthy, affordable food so they grow up strong and resistant to disease.

We work with hundreds of primary schools to establish vegetable gardens so students can learn to grow healthy food. We're also sharing valuable lessons about nutrition, and ensuring children start the day with a full stomach by providing a healthy breakfast.