Sponsor A Child In Honduras


We've been working in Honduras since 1977 in partnership with more than 600 local communities to help children access their rights like education, health and clean water.


Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, with widespread poverty and inequality.

Military rule, corruption and natural disasters have severely limited the country's potential to develop.

  • A quarter of people living in rural areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • More than 280,000 children aged 5-14 are forced to work.
  • Child marriage is widely accepted - one in three girls are married by 18.
Children eating at school in Honduras
Children eating a nutritious meal at a school supported by Plan International.
Boys washing their faces in Honduras
Boys washing their faces in a community supported by Plan International.
Children in Honduras classroom
Students using wooden blocks to learn at a school supported by Plan International.


In rural areas of Honduras only two out of every ten children complete their education. Inadequate resources, a lack of teaching staff and wide-spread poverty all contribute.

Plan International is offering the poorest children scholarships so they can go to - and stay in - school. Now parents do not have to decide between feeding and educating their children. We're also encouraging local private companies to donate to our scholarship scheme, to give even more children a chance to get educated.

Children's health is a priority for Plan International Honduras. We're also working with their communities to improve access to clean water and sanitation and prevent the spread of HIV.

We're helping women give birth safely, encouraging and supporting them to nourish their children, and we've also set up mother-and-baby clinics, and provided staff training on preventing disease and on paediatric care. Behind the scenes we're lobbying government to improve health services.