Sponsor A Child In Guatemala


We have been operating in Guatemala since 1978 and are working in partnership with communities to create a better life for children.


Inequality is a major problem in Guatemala, with massive differences between the wealthy elite and the poor majority.
  • More than half the population are living in poverty.
  • Around 28% people living in rural areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Nearly half of children under five suffer from stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
Children celebrate classroom inauguration in Guatemala
Children celebrating their new classroom, supported by Plan International.
Naydelin during physiotherapy in Guatemala
Naydelin during her physiotherapy session at a health centre supported by Plan International.
Guatemalan children eating fruit
Children eating fruit in a community supported by Plan International.


We're working with poor communities to provide life's essentials - clean water and sanitation, access to healthcare and a better education for children.

It's about a hand up, not a hand out - communities are actively involved in their own development. With our support, they're setting up children's organisations and community groups to help their villages. They're learning a range of skills, from good hygiene practices to preventing the spread of HIV. We're collaborating to reduce violence and child abuse, and caring for children who are affected.

We know these communities can overcome poverty with the right support. From helping families to produce their own food to working with them to better prepare for natural disasters, we're building resilience.