Sponsor A Child In Zambia


We've been working in partnership with local communities in Zambia since 1996 to give vulnerable children a better start to life.


More than 60% of Zambians live below the poverty line, making life a struggle for millions of children.
  • Nearly one in two children suffer from stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
  • Child marriage is widely accepted - 42% of girls are married by 18.
  • Around 67% of people living in rural areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
Kigan filling water in Zambia
Kigan fills a container with water from a local dam rehabilitated by Plan International.
A woman drives the 'Zambulance' which transports patients to local health facilities.
Children playing games in Zambia
Children playing at a pre-school supported by Plan International.

How we're helping

Children's health is a priority for Plan International in Zambia, from teaching parents about child nutrition to providing clean water, sanitation and access to healthcare. Children affected by HIV and AIDs receive particular support and care.

Children deserve a quality education. We're providing safe learning environments staffed with trained teachers, and we include parents in the process so they can support their children's learning.

We know people can work their way out of poverty with the right support. We're offering vocational training for young people to help them find work and training families in small-scale farming.

Keeping children safe from harm remains central to everything we do, from training police officers in child protection strategies to setting up village child protection groups.