Sponsor A Child In Kenya


Since 1982 we've been helping Kenyan children access their rights to health, education and sanitation, and to live free from harm. Our presence is critical here: children make up about half of Kenya's population.


Poverty in Kenya is being fueled by several factors, among them high unemployment, an HIV and AIDS epidemic and an education system in crisis.
  • Children are suffering as a consequence.
  • Many children die of preventable or treatable diseases - 1.5 million each year don't live to see their fifth birthday.
  • Around 70% of the population do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Female genital mutilation is widely accepted - more than a quarter of women have been cut.
Children playing outside at Kenya preschool
Children play outside a pre-school supported by Plan International.
Kenyan boy in preschool
A boy draws a picture in a classroom supported by Plan International.
Young girl holding Kenya birth certificate
A girl shows off her birth certificate.

How we're helping

With help from child sponsors, we're providing life's essentials - clean water, sanitation and quality healthcare - and making sure children get a quality education by building schools and helping more children attend them.

We're working in partnership to prevent the spread of HIV and caring for those already affected by the virus. We're also collaborating with families to find pathways out of poverty, from investing in training so that they can increase crop yields, to providing financial support through savings and loans groups. We're also helping more and more children register their births, and we provide children with birth certificates.

Protecting children remains a priority: we're campaigning against child labour, child marriage and abuse and defending children's rights to healthcare and education, making sure children's voices are heard in the process.