Sponsor A Child In Cameroon


We have been working in Cameroon since 1996, in partnership with more than 700 of the poorest communities so they can protect, nurture and educate their children - and keep them healthy.


It's an uncertain existence in Cameroon.

Many families rely on subsistence farming to survive; far too often there's not enough to feed, clothe and send children to school - let alone pay medical costs.

  • One in ten children will not live to see their fifth birthday.
  • Infant mortality rates are high with limited heath services for pregnant women.
  • 70% of children do not continue to secondary school.
Girls in Cameroon classroom
Students learning in a classroom supported by Plan International.
Vocational training skills in Cameroon
Lamana at her computer studies school supported by Plan International.
Baka children playing in Cameroon
Children play outside a school supported by Plan International.

How we're helping

Every child in Cameroon has the right to an education. We want to make that a reality.

Plan International has provided thousands of school kits to families who were struggling to cover schooling costs.

We have also vaccinated hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five, saving them from the most fatal childhood diseases. We've provided thousands of children with Vitamin A supplements, which children need in order to grow tall, develop a strong immune system and maintain good eyesight.

We have screened thousands of pregnant women for HIV. Whenever a mother tests positive, we treat them as soon as possible. Hundreds of children have been born HIV-free from mothers who are HIV positive.