Young people deserve to lead their own futures.

Adults under 25 years old are at a critical stage of their lives. Yet millions of young men and women are not completing secondary school or able to access other training to develop the skills for decent work. We believe in young people. That's why we enable them to gain knowledge of their rights, have the confidence to speak up, get skills-training and access jobs or self-employment opportunities.

In Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam, we're helping young men and women access training, launch their own businesses and connect with companies that need skilled employees. Young women, indigenous youth and youth with disabilities are specifically targeted as they are among the least likely to access education or participate in training due to entrenched gender roles, discrimination and exclusion.


In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the average young woman is faced with limited options - to survive, she's either coerced into marriage before she's ready, forced into work under poor conditions for minimum wage or less, or living in extreme poverty. But Nipa has launched her own business and, now, she's her own boss. With Plan's support, she's manufacturing handlebar grips for motorbikes, which she sells for a profit at the local market. Her business is growing every day.

Through our Youth Projects, Plan is helping young people to:

  • gain a voice and speak up about their rights
  • gain job skills
  • participate in workplace training, and take on decent work
  • set up their own businesses
Plan International Australia acknowledges the support of the Australian Government, which gives us a special grant to reach children, young people and their communities.
Be a part of the change

Twenty percent of young people in developing countries fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work. You can kick-start permanent change, and help break the poverty cycle.