Famine & Food Relief
Good health begins with good food.

All children have the right to food. But hunger and malnutrition are the number one risks to a child's health.

There are a range of barriers to nutritious food: poor harvests, ineffective farming methods, and poverty. Our challenge is to work with families to overcome these obstacles. We teach families about the benefits of proper nutrition and how to best use local produce to give their children a nourishing diet. We also work in schools to provide free breakfasts, and teach children how to grow their own vegetable gardens.

When children have a nutritious diet they are more likely to grow up healthy, strong and ready to learn.


Thirteen-year-old Sokhat receives a daily breakfast of fish, rice and beans at her school in Cambodia.

She also takes home a ration of rice and oil which her mother uses to cook meals. This means Sokhat can go to school with a full stomach and energy.

"I want Sokhat to attend class and not be like me, who can't read or write anything," Sokhat's mother says. "This program has changed my life and it helps my daughter go to school."

Through our School Feeding Project, children like Sokhat are:

  • growing their own vegetable gardens at school
  • receiving a daily breakfast
  • taking home rations of food
  • learning about nutrition and hand-washing
Change is possible

Each year, 3.1 million children die of hunger-related illnesses. You can kick-start permanent change, and help break the poverty cycle.