Katherine Fell’s role is to support the management and development of the Education & Early Childhood Centred Development (ECCD) and Health portfolio for Plan International Australia. Katherine manages projects across Asia, Pacific and the Region of East & Southern Africa (RESA) that promote innovation and creative solutions for people who fall outside the net of mainstream learning, with a focus on improving educational opportunities and outcomes. She contributes to ensuring the portfolio has an emphasis on inclusion that addresses social barriers, not only related to disability, but also to gender, ethnicity and other factors that prevent children from accessing their right to ECCD. She is the Co-Chair of the ACFID Education Workgroup.

Katherine has worked as an education design consultant in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Philippines and the Northern Territory. She has been an Indigenous Literacy Advisor for Plan Philippines and was the Manager of the Young Refugee Mentoring Program at AMES, Australia. She has led the development and publication of fifteen children’s storybooks in eight indigenous languages (and English) in the Philippines and Ethiopia. This series of books aims to fulfil the important role of passing on traditional culture and knowledge in remote communities and improving literacy outcomes for children. Katherine has graduate qualifications in Human Rights and Education.

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