Fighting Poverty
Through Education

Every year of secondary education that an adolescent girl can access and complete, yields greater returns for herself, her family and the nation’s productivity and economic growth.

There has been important progress, globally, in increasing girls’ enrolment in primary education, but this alone will not provide the conditions necessary to create economic prosperity.

With the onset of puberty adolescent girls face unique challenges such as limited access to school toilets and sanitary pads during menstruation, the risk of gender based violence in travelling to and from school and at school, and the gendered norms and circumstances that lead to girls dropping out of secondary school - such as child marriage, early and unplanned pregnancies and the expectation and burden of domestic work.

If governments are serious about unlocking the potential of the millions of adolescent girls in the world, there must be a global effort to break down the barriers that stop adolescent girls from accessing inclusive, equitable and quality secondary education. Adolescent girls that face additional layers of disadvantage face even more barriers to accessing education.

How do we break down the barriers that stop adolescent girls from accessing secondary education?

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