Half a Billion Reasons Report

How investing in adolescent girls can change the world

Adolescent girls aged 10 to 19 hold the key to lifting their families out of poverty and transforming their country’s economies. Our new report paints a picture of the lives of adolescent girls globally and makes the case for why we need to do more and why we need to act now.

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Executive Summary & Recommendations This is a ground-breaking report that sets out the six key challenges that hold adolescent girls back and a road map for transforming their lives. Read More
Ending Violence and Harmful Practices Tackling gender based violence is one of the single, most powerful interventions that can assist adolescent girls to be healthy, safe and empowered. Read More
Sexual and reproductive health When adolescent girls are able to exercise control over their own sexual and reproductive health they are in the best position possible to begin their journey into adulthood. Read More
Girls’ education Educating girls has been described as the world’s best investment. Read More
Economic empowerment Adolescent girls and young women in developing countries are experiencing a growing gender gap as they try to enter the workforce. Read More
Girls in emergencies It is critical that the needs and unique challenges of adolescent girls are not overlooked in humanitarian responses. Read More
Girls are leaders Adolescent girls can be powerful agents of social change. Read More
Email our leaders There are 500 million reasons Australia needs a stand-alone Adolescent Girls Strategy. Read More