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On Monday 12 February 2018, Cyclone Gita tore through Tonga causing severe and widespread damage. With destructive winds of 230 kilometres per hour, the category four cyclone ripped roofs from houses, brought down trees and caused extensive flooding.

Reports from the area estimate that 70% of the population has been affected by this disaster.

What we know

  • One person has been confirmed dead as a result of Cyclone Gita.
  • 4,000 people are occupying 120 evacuation centres, with the impact in more remote areas currently unknown. Numbers are expected to increase as our partners work to assess the storm impact across the country.
  • 95 homes in Tongatapu have been destroyed, with an additional 969 homes partially damaged.
  • Farms across the country have sustained minor damage.

What we are doing

We are working with our partners in the field to understand the full extent of the impact. We are also gearing up to provide Emergency Hygiene Kits to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases, which can often cause more deaths than a disaster itself.

Emergency Hygiene kits contain:
  • 20 litre water containers.
  • Water quality test kits.
  • Anti-septic soap.
    We are also:
    • Running education sessions about hygiene and avoiding waterborne diseases
    • Creating safe spaces where women and children can be protected from violence, exploitation and neglect.

    In addition, we are looking at raising awareness around Safe Hygiene and Sanitation.

    Women and Children in emergencies

    When disaster strikes, women and children are often the most vulnerable. In floods, earthquakes and cyclones, they are often left without shelter, food and medical care, which can leave them exposed to water borne diseases. Our work in Emergencies focuses on the most vulnerable, where we can have the most impact.

    How You Can Help

    Your donation will help us provide fast relief to survivors of emergencies, as well as supporting them on the road to recovery.