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Binta is a 12-year-old girl with hobbies and hopes like any child. She likes drawing, playing with her friends, and dreaming of her future. But when Binta was 12, her dreams abruptly turned into a nightmare.

At only 12, Binta was forced to marry a man three times her age.

On the day of her wedding, Binta didn’t fully understand what was about to happen to her. The violence, abuse and control. But she knew life as she knew it was over.

This new life of domestic slavery, isolation and missed opportunities deprives girls like Binta of every right you can imagine. But most horrifying is the unimaginable reality of sexual abuse and rape at the hands of a much older man.

Girls forced to marry too young face abuse that could result in physical and psychological damage, early pregnancy and permanent disability.

It’s an impossible situation for a young girl to face – but one you can help with.

Donate now to support former child brides, prevent future marriages, and put an end to child marriage.


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Child marriage is a global epidemic – but Binta is living proof that we can stop it.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Plan International was able to help free her from her marriage, organise for her abuser’s arrest, and provide Binta with immediate counselling and medical care. Binta is now back with her family, who are committed to seeing her finish school and is working to put what happened behind her.  Binta is finally excited for her future – and grateful for those who made it happen.

Child marriage can derail a girl’s whole life. But it can be stopped with your help.

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By donating now, you could help:

  • Run mobile child protection units to keep children safe and intervene in child marriages
  • Provide counselling and medical treatment to girls who have escaped child marriage
  • Work with governments and community leaders to advocate against child marriage 
  • Deliver training sessions that will educate girls, boys, parents and communities about the dangers of child marriage
  • Create a safe space for girls to learn about the dangers of child marriage, identify when they’re at risk, and report a feared marriage
  • Provide the legal paperwork a girl needs to prove her age and prevent a marriage

Just as every girl’s situation is unique, so is every country. These are examples of how your gift could support girls – but it’s not the only way you can help. 

Your donation will also be used where it is most needed to break down the barriers holding girls back all around the world. Children facing child marriage, children being denied an education, and children being held back from achieving their potential.

By supporting this work, you’re not just stopping a single marriage. You’re helping end the practice for good. 

Child marriage is one of the worst rights abuses imaginable – but we are hopeful that together, we can end the practice for good. Will you help?


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