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Right now, South Sudan is on the brink of famine, and millions of children are at risk. 

Civil war has forced thousands from their homes and farms. And failing crops and super-inflated food prices mean it’s almost impossible to feed a family.

With extreme food shortages, children and their families are desperately fighting to survive against almost impossible odds.

Because of their age and gender, girls stand to lose the most.

Our teams are already on the ground providing life-saving food packages. But there’s so much more to do – and we need your help.

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Please help us provide emergency food and drought-resistant seeds

Right now, 7.1 million people are facing crisis or emergency levels of food shortages, and urgently need emergency aid. To reach them, we need your help – please give today

  • All around South Sudan families are being forced to flee violence 
  • Time and again crops fail due to drought and excessive heat
  • Women are left to provide for their extended families while the men are forced to fight in the civil war

South Sudan Hunger Appeal