South Sudan Famine
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Children are starving. Please help them before it’s too late.

This is the first time famine has been declared anywhere in the world in the last six years. One million people could die of hunger without urgent aid.

Already far too many people are dying every day. Of these its women and girls that are at most risk.

War, economic collapse and terrible drought have wiped out the country’s food supplies and left mothers struggling to keep their babies and children alive.

Nearly 5 million children and families are facing starvation – and that figure is likely to rise to 5.5 million during the coming dry season.

The scale of the crisis is staggering. And without immediate action, it’s set to spread, killing even more children across North and East Africa.

Plan International is already on the ground, delivering lifesaving food parcels in the worst-hit parts of South Sudan.  

Your support is urgently needed to deliver more food and help families rebuild their livelihoods.

“This is without a doubt one of the most horrific crises in the world right now.” Dave Husy, Plan Australia’s Programs Director

Mother and child at home in south sudan


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Every $1 you donate will be multiplied 14 times through our partnership with the World Food Program giving us access to desperately needed additional funds.

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