South Sudan’s
women and children
urgently need your help.

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South Sudan – A humanitarian crisis

it’s women and children that are most at risk of violence and hunger.

Many children have been orphaned or separated from their families. Boys are being recruited as child soldiers. Girls and women are being raped and exploited, or sold into early marriage so their families can survive.

Without more food supplies, many will starve to death.

Your help is urgently needed to deliver lifesaving food aid and keep children, girls and women safe through this horrific crisis.

Christine survives on one meal a day of sorghum seeds

Christine’s story

Christine saw her daughter and husband murdered, before fleeing with her two grandchildren, age 5 and 7. She held them tight as they ran, but it wasn’t enough to keep them safe. More armed bandits attacked – and they became separated.

Today Christine is sheltering in an abandoned village, surviving on one meal of boiled seeds a day. She’s given up hope of ever seeing her grandchildren again and fears for the horrors they may face: rape, murder, abuse and starvation.


Please give today

Your tax-deductible gift before June 30 will help to:

  • Deliver urgently-needed food supplies.
  • Set up child-friendly spaces where children can learn and be safe from violence.
  • Support families to keep girls in school – instead of selling them into marriage.

Your gift will be multiplied 14 times on the ground, thanks to our partnership with the World Food Programme.