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Help Children Avoid Unclean Water and Deadly Diseases

In Laos, children are risking their lives every day to get a drink of water. And living in rural communities without access to safe water, they don’t have much choice.

They either make a dangerous journey to get clean water, or drink dirty water that’s dangerous to their health. Drinking contaminated water causes diarrhoea, one of the biggest killers of young children in Laos.

Plan International needs your help to raise $144,000, so we can bring lifesaving safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects to more villages across Laos next year. 

Make a gift here now and it will be matched up to five times by a generous Australian government grant.

With the help of our supporters, Plan International has worked with local governments and businesses to build new water systems in remote villages. 

But we know from decades in the field that it’s not enough to just install infrastructure.  We must also teach communities about good hygiene and sanitation, and empower them to build and maintain their own water tanks and toilets into the future.

Duang collecting water

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“Most of us risk our lives
to collect water, especially
the women and children.”

- Duang, a mother of two in
northern Laos.

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Your donation today will be used to:

  • - Educate children and families about safe water storage, handwashing and the proper use of toilets.
  • - Train and mentor local business people to bring safe water and latrines to their communities.

Help Children Survive