Will you protect the
most important years
of a girl's life?
Will you protect
the most
important years
of a girl's life?

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Will you help protect the most important years
of a girl’s life?

Will you help protect the most important years of a girl’s life?

Childhood is a time of joy and anticipation. It’s the time when we can be free to play and to dream, knowing that the future is ahead of us, full of possibilities.

This is what childhood should be. But right now, thousands of girls like 11-year-old Amal are facing a very different reality.

At a very young age, Amal lost her father and fled the war in her home country of Syria. She left behind everything she knew and loved because she wasn’t safe. But her challenges are still not over.

For the past seven years, she’s lived in a makeshift tent on a muddy hillside with her sick mother and six siblings in Lebanon. Like many girls where she lives, Amal doesn’t go to school, and doesn’t know how to read or write.

Amal has lived in what should have been temporary accommodation for the majority of her life. And as she gets older, she faces new dangers like child marriage, exploitation, child labour, harassment and gender-based violence.

Girls like Amal are brave, resilient and determined. They want to go to school, get an education and build a better life for themselves and their families. And you can support them.

By giving a gift today, you could help:

  • Support our partners on the ground with the training to identify and protect children at risk of violence, forced work and child marriage
  • Train community leaders about issues facing displaced children
  • Provide girls with age-appropriate education around hygiene, safety, reproductive health and coping mechanisms to deal with life as a refugee
  • Create a space where children denied an education can learn basic literacy and numeracy
  • Support children at risk of dropping out of school with extra in-school support
  • Deliver psychosocial support to girls processing trauma
  • Assist parents to obtain employment and keep their families out of extreme poverty

Just as every girl’s situation is unique, so is every country. These are examples of how your gift could support girls – but it’s not the only way you can help.

Your gift will support girls like Amal – and girls all over the world – to live free of violence, access an education and realise their rights.

By donating today, you can help ensure that girls who have already lost years of their girlhood to war don’t have to sacrifice their whole future as well. Will you help?

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