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Cyclone Idai appeal

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WHaT WE KNOW ABOUT Cyclone Idai in southern Africa

On Friday 15 March, Cyclone Idai hit southern Africa, causing severe floods and sending the people of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi into chaos. To date, more than 700 people have reportedly died, with fears this could rise to over 1000.

Thousands more are injured, displaced or missing, with millions affected. Landslides, rock falls, and flooding have swept away houses, schools, bridges and food supplies.

Ongoing storms and flooding have caused mass destruction are placing communities at increased risk.

They need your support, and they cannot wait. Please act now.

Immediate priorities 

Right now, child protection and the needs of girls are the highest priority. We know that after disasters, thousands of children will be in need of shelter, hygiene products, counselling and health care. They’ll be missing school, separated from their families, and experiencing a huge amount of distress. 

Plan International have just completed a rapid needs assessment. We know that children are at serious risk from contaminated water and disease, and in desperate need of food and shelter. By donating now, you can help Plan International respond immediately to emergency.

Your donation will provide children and families in southern Africa with urgent food, water, shelter, blankets, mosquito nets and hygiene kits. Your donation will also support us to protect children from abuse, disease and further disruption and trauma.

Women, Children and Girls in emergencies

In a disaster, women and girls are the most vulnerable. In floods, cyclones and typhoons, they are often left without shelter, food and medical care, which can leave them exposed to water borne diseases. Our work in emergencies focuses on the most vulnerable, where we can have the most impact.

How You Can Help

Right now, girls and children are most at risk, with many separated from their parents, exposed to the elements and vulnerable to disease and exploitation.

These people cannot wait. Donate today to help us support children and their families living through the unimaginable chaos caused by this disaster. You will help address the immediate need, and support the people of southern Africa as they begin to rebuild. They need you now, more than ever.


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