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The first 1,000 days – from the time of conception to a child’s second birthday – are critical for a child’s development. They lay the foundations for how well a baby will grow, learn and thrive for their rest of their life.

But too many children are lacking the basics they need to be healthy and happy. They’re not getting the nutrients, stimulation and nurturing they need to grow and develop.

Every parent wants to give their child the very best start to life. But thousands of mothers and fathers across Myanmar don’t get that chance. They don’t always have access to the tools, resources and information they need to give their babies all they need to survive and thrive.

As a result, too many children are at risk of being underweight or experiencing severe weight loss in the form of wasting, stunting, and worse. Will you help?

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Stunting should not be happening in 2018

In Khin Khin’s village, there is nowhere to go for your 20-week scan. There is no one to tell young mothers about the importance of breastfeeding. Between conflict and monsoons, these small, rural villages can spend weeks completely cut off from basic services like healthcare. This puts babies at huge risk.

No baby should face the prospect of malnourishment and stunting in 2018. That’s why the work of women like Khin Khin is so important. Khin Khin is one of Plan International’s community health workers, and during the wet season, she’s the only health professional in her village.

Khin Khin works with parents – younger, older, first-time, three children in – to support them to provide their children with the best nutrition they can access. And you can help her.

By making a donation today, you can also multiply your impact -every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people.

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How your donation will help

Plan International is working with communities across Myanmar to provide parents with the support all mothers and fathers need to raise healthy, happy babies.

Your donation will help women like Khin Khin run parenting groups that provide: :

  • Nutrition counselling that includes breastfeeding support, advice on starting home food gardens and food hygiene for infants
  • Advice on how to make sure children receive the early stimulation, play and nurturing care needed to encourage young minds
  • Information about the milestones children should be reaching for healthy development
  • A space for parents to come together and share challenges, wins and experiences

  • Your donation will also help fund education and early childhood development programs where the need is greatest, driving powerful and lasting change for thousands of children all over the world. We’ll keep you updated about all the amazing work your gift is supporting.

    Will you help to ensure children receive all they need to survive and thrive?

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This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)