Our Youth Activist Leaders are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls.

Meet the Team



Being born and raised in the rural city of Armidale, NSW, Alice moved to Sydney at 18 to start her big-city life. Alice is in her final year of studying a double degree in Social Inquiry and Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology, Sydney. When she is not studying, you will either find her rallying at a social justice protest or drawing (procrastinating). Alice is passionate about helping create a future that is more accepting of everyone, that is just, and where true gender equality is a reality all around the world.



Gege is just an average world changing kind of girl. She lived in Venezuela until the country had a radical shift in politics causing a terrible crisis. Her family fled to Australia and spent many years working hard to earn the right to a better life. When they settled Gege became involved in Venezuelan human rights activist groups, and discovered her passion for justice.

In her journey of exploring theories of change, she has been strongly involved in climate, feminist and decolonization activism with several groups of society, she has worked alongside First Nations people and some Organizations like The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Amnesty International, Sydney Alliance and now Plan International.

Studying Architecture at UTS she realized that the western man-made (literally) spaces and systems around us are designed around the male baby boomer generation and have only had a slightly more diverse influence in the last couple of decades. There is still a big gap to close and she wants to bring other representation to the design sphere.

Gege hopes she can make a mark in the world and leave it a little bit better than she found it, while she does, she likes to latin dance, cosplay, cook, spiritual growth and doing random gestures of kindness.



Jessica is a fourth-year student at The University of Melbourne majoring in Gender Studies. Her identity as a Latina lesbian, and her mixed experiences as a result of this, nurtured her interest in social justice, women’s and LGBT rights and representation. Jessica’s academic studies have reflected this passion, fuelling her writing on such topics as white feminism, the demonisation of female religious sects and the misuse of LGBT identities and lingo, during her undergraduate degree.

Currently undertaking her honours year, Jessica’s writing primarily centres upon the representation of women in video games, particularly choice-based role-playing games. Jessica’s 16 years of experience as a girl gaming has provided much of the basis for this topic as she seldom felt adequately represented through the female characters encountered.

Jessica produced, edited and co-starred in a comedy-themed radio show ‘Disagreed’ under The University of Melbourne’s radio station, Radio Fodder. Jessica’s experiences in this position enabled her to work with friends while curating and taking part in a project she enjoyed immensely.

In her spare time Jessica writes creatively (working mainly on fantasy narratives), sketches, begs her friends and family to play scrabble, and plays video games recreationally.



Kripa is studying in her 4th year at UTS studying a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Communications (Digital and Social Media).

As an Australian-born Indian woman living in Sydney, Kripa has been lucky enough to have lived a life of comfort, but it often bothers her that there are many girls around the world that do not have the same privilege. She feels an obligation as a woman of colour to ensure the world knows that women and in particular, women of colour, are capable, powerful and have a plethora of ideas that are oft neglected on the basis of their gender or race. She yearns to see a more colourful and diverse future where women and people of colour are empowered and believes Plan is an amazing platform for her to voice her passion for social justice!

When Kripa is not studying at UTS or working at Westpac, she is performing slam poetry, improvisational theatre and classical, folk & Bollywood dancing. She loves her family, Shakespeare, New York, the ‘70s and her dog, Rancho.



Lauren is a high school student from Sydney, who has always been passionate about gender equality and the lives of women globally. She believes in the power of young people to enact change in society, and that as a Youth Activist, she would like to use this platform to give vulnerable, underrepresented groups a voice and advocate their issues to policy-makers. She believes every child and particularly every girl has a right to the highest standard of education, healthcare and security and that gender equality is a political and social necessity, because only once we bring up those at the bottom to be equal with those at the top do we see real progress in our society.

Being a young woman fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazing, high-achieving women, she would also like to help show every girl the endless possibilities within their grasp. Lauren is a keen writer and speaker, so she is excited to use these skills in collaboration with the brilliant Youth Activist cohort of 2018 and she knows women and girls are just incredible, so it is only logical to her that we receive the same opportunities, privileges or experiences as our male counterparts.



Maddie has just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Media and Communications with a minor in Politics. Over the course of her degree, gender studies became her central area of interest, particularly intersecting issues of gender with media, film, theatre and art. Holding a passion for social media marketing and reducing gender-based violence, Maddie became the Social Media Manager at not for profit organisation, Empowered Together, which aims to reduce the epidemic of sexual violence through education programs in schools.

During her last year at University, Maddie also worked on the social media team for Farrago, the oldest student publication in Australia, chiefly managing the magazine’s brand image through social media particularly Snapchat. Maddie hopes to pursue a career in the media but more broadly wants to use creativity and storytelling to promote social change, particularly in the area of gender equality.



Milly Gerstle is sixteen years old, from Sydney and is currently in high school studying 11th grade. She is passionate about equality, an interest that started at a young age as a result of experiences whilst traveling and volunteering. Through Oxbridge, Milly spent a summer studying politics and human rights at Barnard College, Columbia. Milly pursues her passion of social Justice within her school community where she leads the Amnesty and Environmental committees. Milly aims to studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.



Pragya Singh is an international student from India, studying to fulfil her dream of being a journalist in Australia.

Apart from being a part time blogger and ranter, she is a full time feminist. Being an only girl child in India, where women are still fighting for their basic rights, she realized how privileged she is. Though she used to feel only women in developing countries face inequality, she came to know the truth once she started living abroad. She learnt that the fight for equality is a global one, where every woman and girl is fighting their own fight and she just wants to help them win that fight in whichever way I can.

Her grandfather always said, “It’s not how big a change you make that matters, it's the fact that you made a change that matters.”



Ruvimbo Togara is young woman who is passionate about seeing young women empowered to live lives filled with purpose. So that they may be equipped to be women who are confident in who they are and for young women to be given opportunities to be world changers.

Ruvimbo is also Youth Ambassador for the Brimbank City Council with a role to advocate for young people’s voices to be heard in both government and local government. She is also a YLAB Global associate regenerating the future of young people; every corner every sector & every system. She strongly believes that her generation is the generation that has the ability to change the world in major way.

In her spare time she pursues her dreams of becoming a creative writer who encourages people to follow their dreams and to live their truth/s. She also runs her own photography business in Melbourne Australia called Ruv Photographi. She hopes that as she pursues her dreams she may also encourage others to pursue their own. She is honoured to be a Plan International Youth Activist and honoured to be a catalyst for the change we all hope to see in our world one day.



Tahlia has just graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Management, Majoring in Sustainable Development. Throughout the years, she has developed an explosive passion for the humanitarian and development sector, and can’t think of something she would rather pursue in life than helping those most vulnerable and marginalised in this world. Her passion to change the world encompasses all injustices from climate change vulnerability, food and water insecurity, to gender equality and the acknowledgement of human rights. She hold most of her experiences in climate change and community based adaptation in the Pacific Islands – recognizing that all members of the world have the ability to increase their own resilience and the capacity to cope with changes.

She is optimistic about the world; believing that together, we can make incredible differences in the lives of the voiceless.