Our Youth Activist Leaders are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls.

Meet the Team



Varsha is an Indian-Australian student born and raised in Sydney who is currently studying a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UNSW. Being a stutterer, a young woman, a person of colour and a child of migrants have all contributed to her desire to create dialogues in the world for all and every experience of being human. She is most interested in people, in stories, in diversity of adversity and resilience, and using vulnerability as the strongest weapon for change. Varsha can also be found on the dance floor till 2am, hiding in her covers till 2pm and is most commonly found wearing fluffy pyjama pants with 6 inch heels.



Elizabeth is a passionate young adult from the Central Coast of Australia. Currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science with a double major in Gender Studies and Anthropology, alongside the Global Leadership Program at Macquarie University, she has a keen drive for understanding our socio-cultural world. Elizabeth has been intent on creating social change from a young age, and is primarily concerned with implementing comprehensive all-inclusive sexual education, and eradicating period poverty. Recognising that gender inequality is experienced according to intersectional identity she notes the crucial importance of amplifying the voices of those around us rather than speaking for them. An avid op shopper, sculptor of porcelain, and weird art fanatic you can probably find her working her Ravenclaw magic as the secretary of Macquarie Uni’s Harry Potter Society.



Shamsiya is a gifted communicator and an engaging individual. She is studying journalism at RMIT University in Melbourne, where she is pursuing her dream to raise the voices of those often not heard. Shamsiya arrived in Australia in 2007 as a ten-year-old Hazara refugee from Afghanistan. Her English comprised the first four letters of the alphabet. Over the years, Shamsiya has excelled academically with her language and writing skills improving exponentially, leading to a coveted place at university. As well as working part-time as a communications intern at one of Australia’s largest construction companies, Shamsiya has found time to establish a charity to raise funds to educate young girls in Afghanistan. Shamsiya’s energetic, curious and humorous personality has helped her cope with Islamophobia and nasty name calling. She’s a passionate Geelong Cats supporter, and no one can change her mind about that. Shamsiya is the weirdest (Unique, is what she calls it) and most talkative sibling of her four sisters and a brother. She’s passionate about making the world a more peaceful place to live in, a place where everyone LIVES not just SURVIVES.



Ope is a Nigerian-Australian civil engineering student who is passionate about social justice. She is interested in the way that gender discrimination intersects with factors such as race, socio-economic class, education, sexuality and disabilities; how intersectionality identifies interlocking social powers and provides a framework to understand them; and how colonisation has shaped the way in which we view the world and how decolonisation as a concept can combat that. She loves weird, quirky earrings, Korean variety tv shows and can often be found with her head buried in a book or rummaging through a thrift store.



Megan grew up in Perth, but has spent the last two years as a Melbourne city girl. She is studying Politics and Gender Studies, and loves nothing more than to rant about about these topics. She wanted to get involved with Plan International to meet like-minded individuals who share her passion for gender equality, defending women and girl’s rights, and ending all forms of discrimination. On a local level, she is concerned with ensuring all people, but particularly women, feel safe in their city, regardless of the time and location. She also strives to promote awareness of women’s sexual health and bodily autonomy. On a global scale, she believes in a world where all children have access to a good education, regardless of their gender. She is very excited to be participating in Plan’s Youth Activist Program and looks forward to the year to come!



Evie is a sixteen year old student from Melbourne. She’s loved learning, seeing and talking about the world of past and present ever since she can remember. Evie loves to act, read, write, watch and discuss! She’s passionate about the world and how together we can make it a better, fairer and more equal place for all. Evie has been lucky enough to travel around the world from a very early age, which she says has instilled within her an appreciation of our planet and the people on it.



Carla is a 23 year-old-girl born and raised in Mexico, originally from a small beach town on the west coast. She has danced ever since she can remember and it’s probably the thing she enjoys doing the most. Being around nature has always been a big part of who Carla is. When she was 18 she moved to Germany by herself and from that experience, fell in love with travelling and discovering new places. So far Carla has been lucky enough to have visited 20+ countries, which she says has not only made her fall in love with this amazing world but has created a curiosity for understanding others people lives. Carla is constantly inspired by her surroundings and the more she learnt, the more conscious she has become of the differences we have as a society. Carla always wanted to come to Australia and two years ago, after successfully applying to study at UTS, she decided to make the most out of her time in Sydney. To get truly involved was her goal and she is doing her part to create a lasting impact.



Diego is a 20 year old Mexican immigrant who has spent most of his life in Australia although he finished his final four years of high school in Connecticut, USA. He is in his second year at UNSW studying Theatre and Performance with a minor in Creative Writing and is also a trading card game enthusiast, specifically Magic: The Gathering. While in the U.S. he was part of Animal Assisted Therapy Service’s horse riding program as a volunteer for over a year and joined the March for Science and IRIS Run for Refugees in 2017. He is passionate about gender justice because it is a human rights issue that is relevant to every single person on the planet no matter who they are or where they are situated, and is extremely excited to work with and learn from Plan International and his fellow youth activists.