Our Youth Activist Leaders are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls.

Meet the Team

Youth activist - Maya

Maya, 18

Maya is a Syrian-Australian student and podcaster, passionate about refugee rights and empowering youth voices in government decisions.

Alongside her twin sister Sarah, she produced a podcast with Student Youth Network Media called ‘Refugees on Air’, which aimed to fight negative stereotypes and share refugee stories of courage.

Maya was heavily involved in her school’s leadership team, the UN Youth Victoria, and in the YMCA Victorian Youth Parliament, where she helped pass a bill allowing free sanitary products in government buildings.

Youth activist - Madhuraa

Mads, 21

Madhuraa or Mads, as she is commonly called, is a proud intersectional feminist. She’s currently undertaking a combined Bachelor of Law and Arts, majoring in International Relations, and when she's not overloading her Instagram story with social justice content, she's probably making sure her friends and family are drinking enough water.

Mads is excited to be working with Plan International this year to create real change. She's keen to give a voice to queer youth of colour, advocate for children's mental health and work against gender-based violence.

Youth activist - Tino

Tino, 19

Tino is a young Zimbabwean-Australia activist that believes in a better world for young women and girls. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Biomedical Engineering. 

She’s passionate about issues involving child marriage, financial independence for women and safer childbirth. She’s excited to see how her passion can have an impact on our society. Tino is a brunch queen. You will find her in your local café trying bizarre things on the menu. 

Youth activist Angelica

Angelica, 22

Angelica is a Nigerian-Australian passionate about all facets of gender inequality and justice. A recent graduate of the Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, she is now studying a Master of Research.

Angelica is passionate about advocating for the inclusion of female ethno-diverse voices in leadership and her activism is driven by her own personal experiences and family context.

In her spare time Angelica enjoys eating loads of Vegemite, reading novels, writing short stories and blogging. She finds joy and motivation in watching others around her achieve, grow, and thrive.

Youth activist - Laila

Laila, 18

Laila is an Afghan Australian, who moved to Australia in 2013 seeking asylum. Laila’s passion for helping people in need led her to study nursing, and having experienced life in both developing and developed countries, Laila realised the importance of girls’ equality.

She is passionate about fighting for a world where every girl can dream for herself and make decisions around hers and her family’s future. Laila enjoys watching movies and her love of Kpop has her dreaming of visiting Korea one day.

Youth activist - Dominique

Dom, 17

Dom is from Melbourne and is currently in her last year of high school.

She believes all people, regardless of their personal attributes and gender, are entitled to education and healthcare, and through feminist ideology, she wants to contribute to a building a world where women and girls everywhere are able to write their own narrative without fear.

With this passion for creating an equitable world, Dom hopes to study Politics and Indigenous Studies at university and complete the Juris Doctorate. Dom finds entertainment in recording and re-watching herself badly dance to music. 


Youth activist - Mayela

Mayela, 15

Mayela, from inner western Sydney, is in Year 11.

She’s of Latin American, Greek and Lebanese descent and envisions a world where opportunity is equal to everyone, and diversity is celebrated.

She loves debating current affairs including refugee treatment, LGBTQI+ discrimination, politics, and the intersectionality of girls and women's rights around the world. An avid reader and writer, she loves Harry Potter, and is often seen sporting HP merchandise. She hopes the Youth Activist Series will help her voice reach others and allow her to meet like-minded individuals.

Youth activist - Kavi

Kavi, 23

Born and raised in Melbourne, Kavi is studying a Master of Public Health.

She hopes to help eliminate longstanding structural violence against First Nations people, particularly the systemic racism and discrimination they experience in the Australian healthcare system.  Globally, she is interested in improving access to reproductive health knowledge and healthcare, with the aim of increasing bodily autonomy for all women and girls.

Kavi is also an avid coffee drinker and can often be found up at 1am binge watching the latest crime dramas on Netflix.

Youth activist - Imogen

Imogen, 18

Imogen is studying Politics, International Relations and Sociology, and plans on pursuing a career in law.

Growing up with a strong social conscience, she often feels angry about the world around her, but views activism as the act of following that anger and utilising it positively to change things. Deeply passionate about female bodily autonomy and sexuality, she wants to recognise all the power imbalances in society that contribute to people’s fear, poverty or struggles.

She loves calculus, wearing floral pants, baking friands and caring for her dying pot plants.