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Around the world, including here in Australia, girls still don’t have equal rights – and that has to change. That’s why we’re standing with young people as they campaign on the issues that matter most to them, from child marriage and trafficking to street harassment and sexual exploitation at work. Join us.

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Right now, millions of girls are being married as children. Forced out of school. Killed by violence. Half the world’s population is being held back by inequality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When girls are empowered to speak up, know their rights and lead, they can create a better, more equal world.

A better now for girls, means a better future for everyone.

When girls are educated and supported – their entire family and community benefits, including boys and men. Because gender inequality affects absolutely everyone. By standing with girls and empowering them to speak up, know their rights and lead, we’re working towards a better, more equal world for all. Every day, girls are taking on new issues in their communities and we need your help to stand with them.

By standing with young people to make change, we’ve been part of some huge wins in recent years.

Our campaigning model is simple and, most importantly, youth-led. We work with young people and youth activists around the world to find out what meaningful change would look like in their communities and how it can be achieved. Then with your support, we stand with them as they lead campaigns and lobby those in power to create lasting impact.

We’ve seen girls across the globe change their futures in this way, taking on issues from child marriage to living safely in the world’s cities – including in Melbourne.

But every day, girls are still being discriminated against just for being girls – and we’re still a long way away from achieving gender equality. That’s why we need you to join the movement and stand with young people everywhere in the fight for equal rights.

When girls are treated as equals all children will benefit. We are determined to see a world where all children are valued as equal and the most marginalised children are heard.

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