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16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

16 Days of Action

We live in a world where one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence. That’s unacceptable. We must change it. And we will.

From 25 November to 5 December we’re joining with organisations around the world to demand an end to violence against women and girls.

It’s easy to feel powerless as individuals to stop the horrors faced by many girls and women, particularly when it comes to violence and abuse - but 16 Days of Activism is a way to take some small steps towards change.

Join us by taking one action each day to call out the gender inequality that underpins violence and abuse. The actions themselves are small, they might take a couple of minutes out of your day. But by joining thousands across the globe - they can mean real, life-saving change for women and girls

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16 Days of Action

No society can thrive when half the population is unable to reach their full potential.

Yet in 2016, girls and young women throughout the world continue to be denied the same rights as boys and men. As a result, millions of girls are unable to access education, make important life decisions, and feel safe from gender-based violence and harrassment.
In order to be equal we must ensure all girls are seen, heard and counted. That’s why Plan International is leading a global movement to highlight issues of gender inequality, and create a world where girls everywhere have the opportunity to learn, lead, decide and thrive.


Girls take part in BIAAG - Uganda

You can help make change

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Free To Be - BIAAG

Free To Be

Your stories can help shape our city.

Free to Be is a campaign where young women across Melbourne can share their experiences of the city – and have those experiences heard by the people behind Melbourne city.

We're joining girls and young women across the globe demanding cities where they feel included, safe, and welcome. All girls have the right to feel #FreeToBe.

For the first time in history, there are more people living in cities than in rural areas. Each month, 5 million people move to cities in developing countries.

Because I am a Girl is working with girls in 5 cities around the world (Cairo, Egypt; Delhi, India; Hanoi, Vietnam; Kampala, Uganda and Lima, Peru) to transform cities into places of inclusion, tolerance and opportunity where girls can thrive.

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Free To Be - BIAAG

Make for good

Joining forces with Etsy for a second year, the Make for Good initiative harnesses the creative talent of local designers in support of Plan International's Because I am a Girl campaign.

The collection features carefully crafted items such as one-of-a-kind jewellery, bespoke artwork, unique homewares and stationery.

With a minimum of 20 % of sales donated, last year the joint venture raised an incredible $30,000, helping hundreds of girls and young women in some of the world’s poorest communities to learn new skills for a brighter future.

You can help support girls everywhere to learn, lead, decide and thrive. Shop the #makeforgood collection today.

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Etsy - Make for Good