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Help deliver critical support to displaced families

Like millions more people around the world, Hoodo’s family has been displaced from their home in search of food, water and safety.

Hoodo has already buried two of her children. They died after arriving at a displacement camp for families affected by Somalia’s worst drought in decades.

Hoodo’s remaining children are too tired and weak from hunger to play with their friends or learn. Their mother is grieving the death of two children while trying to keep hope alive for her surviving children. six more alive.

“My daughter Amina is very sick,” Hoodo says. “I am so afraid I’ll lose her like the others.”

Hoodo refuses to give up hope. Every day, she searches for food in the camp, often starving herself so her children can eat. Mothers like her are having to make heartbreaking decisions – such as which children to feed when there is not enough to feed all of them.

On many days, Hoodo’s children go to bed hungry. In Somalia alone, 1.8 million children under five years of age are acutely malnourished.

Despite the grim circumstances, somehow the dreams of children survive. 11-year-old Najah lives in the same displacement camp as Hoodo. She says:

“I want a better life than this. I would love to get an education. I want to learn how to read and write. My dream is to become a doctor so that I can help myself, my family and community.”

Will you give Najah’s hopes a chance? Help girls like her survive, learn, and create a more equal world.



How hunger puts girls at greater risk

​​​When families are forced from their homes in search of food, girls rights and safety are often threatened. While traveling, and at displacement camps, women and girls face additional risks from violence, sexual assault and child marriage. Girls are also more likely to miss out on school, which robs them of their best chance to build better lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your donation today can help:

  • provide food, medicine and counselling to children and girls
  • support social workers to identify children at risk of abuse or exploitation
  • build temporary classrooms, train teachers, and deliver essential learning supplies.


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