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Almost every issue affecting girls today boils down to one thing: a lack of options.

A lack of choice is what holds girls back. From getting an education. From reaching their potential. And from choosing when and if they want children.

At only 15, Celinda had this choice made for her. She fell pregnant to her violent partner who coerced her into a relationship when she was only 13.

Pregnant because she was denied the right to the information, support and services she needed to manage her reproductive health.

Denied the right to make decisions about her own body.

I’m sure you know the dire effects an unplanned pregnancy can have on a young girl’s life – on her education, her future and even her survival.

Will you give a gift of $50 to help girls like Celinda access critical health information and support to live the life they choose?

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Celinda grew up in the mountains of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, where the legacy of a bloody civil war still hangs over the lives of the community.

Many carry trauma over seeing loved ones die. The violence and discrimination against women and girls that was rampant during the war remains a problem – as does a lack of education around girls’ sexual and reproductive rights.

This is creating a silent health emergency of unplanned pregnancy among girls.

How your donation will help

By donating today, you could help:

  • Provide girls with a safe space to receive age-appropriate education around puberty, sexual health and reproductive health
  • Educate boys to encourage respectful relationships and know their responsibility in avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
  • Empower parents and teachers with the information and resources to support girls
  • Support Plan International’s community health workers to provide critical health services, including access to contraception, health screenings and medical care
  • Help girls who are pregnant access maternal healthcare and information around nutrition and early childhood development so they can keep themselves and their babies healthy

Just as every girl’s situation is unique, so is every country. These are examples of how your gift could support girls – but it’s not the only way you can help.

Your donation will support girls like Celinda – and girls all over the world – to make their own decisions. Decisions about their health. Decisions about their education. Decisions about their future.

By donating today to support this critical work, you’re helping girls everywhere decide their own futures. Will you help?

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