Children in Ukraine urgently need your help

Childhoods are under attack in Ukraine, and they need your help.

Make a donation to support children with shelter, hygiene, food essentials and protect them from trauma and abuse.

Will you provide urgent help to children in Ukraine?

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Help us save their childhoods

As you read this, lives are being lost.

Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country, causing hundreds of thousands to flee. Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Essential services have been hit. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

After long nights spent sheltering in dark basements with the sound of rocket fire and gun shots thundering overhead, the children of Ukraine have been forced away from their homes and the safety and normality of the lives they once knew.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has already forced millions of people to flee their homes, and families are desperately trying to escape from cities under fire.

Their childhood is under attack.

Children are forced to witness the horrors of conflict and crisis.

A child whose family has been torn apart as they say goodbye to fathers, brothers, and uncles, not knowing if or when they will see them again.

These experiences take a very heavy toll on children’s mental health, leaving invisible scars.

These children are in urgent need of care and relief.

It is clear that our expertise in child protection is desperately needed. As is your help. 

Please act now and help us save their childhoods



Your donation could help:

  • scale up urgent relief operations to support Ukrainians in neighbouring countries
  • support Plan International teams in Poland, Romania and Moldova
  • collaborate and coordinate with agencies engaged in the emergency relief efforts
  • provide safety and shelter to children and their families
  • support the children of Ukraine with psychological and social support
  • protect women and children from abuse and exploitation
  • establish informal education and learning opportunities for children
  • provide children with safe spaces to play and learn.

Ukraine one year on

In the darkest moments, we need hope. With your ongoing support, children from Ukraine have found safety, warmth, a new school and someone to talk to. But one year on, the conflict in Ukraine continues, with no end in sight to the fighting or the suffering.

Because of you, we are here, alongside our partners, and will be until we are no longer needed. Please continue supporting children.


Ukraine 1 year on Play Video

We’re proud to be a founding member of Emergency Action Alliance, a collective of Australian based aid organisations that uses its reach and resources to save lives around the world.

When the Emergency Action Alliance launches a combined emergency appeal on behalf the member organisations, Plan International receives a proportion of the funds raised to put toward our humanitarian response. This is in addition to donations Plan International receives directly from generous people like you and allows us to extend our reach and be more effective, more quickly.

Help us save their childhoods.

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