Our emergency response in Ukraine

Since the conflict in Ukraine began in 2022, Plan International have responded to support 650,000 people impacted with shelter, hygiene, food essentials and protect them from trauma and abuse.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to support thousands of children and their families.

You can make a donation to help us continue respond to the long-term impacts of the war like the provision of gender-based violence, mental health and psychosocial support and education in emergencies support.

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Note: All gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible. Any donations received that exceed what is required to support this emergency will be directed to other areas of greatest humanitarian need, helping assist more children facing global crises and conflicts.


Thank you to everyone for your generous donations. Your donations helped us to:

  • scale up urgent relief operations to support Ukrainians in neighbouring countries
  • support Plan International teams in Poland, Romania and Moldova
  • collaborate and coordinate with agencies engaged in the emergency relief efforts
  • provide safety and shelter to children and their families
  • support the children of Ukraine with psychological and social support
  • protect women and children from abuse and exploitation
  • establish informal education and learning opportunities for children
  • provide children with safe spaces to play and learn.

Ukraine War: Two Years Since the Escalation

With there being no end in sight to the war in Ukraine since it escalated nearly two years ago, Plan International holds deep concerns that the gendered impacts of the war remain overlooked.

With other 14 million people in need, including over 3 million children, the international community must continue supporting those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Interviews with girls, young women, and NGO workers from across Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees now living in Poland, Moldova, and Romania, suggest that the war has deepened and reinforced traditional gender roles.

As a consequence, it is feared the conflict is exacerbating harmful gender stereotypes and reinforcing militarised perceptions of masculinity, where men and boys are increasingly seen as defenders of their country while care and domestic responsibilities fall to women and girls.

To date, Plan International has reached 650,000 people impacted by the war in Ukraine, working with nearly 50 partners in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Romania.

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Maria is a 17-year old girl from Mykolaiv City in southern Ukraine, which was on the frontline of the war and continues to be targeted by missile attacks. She and other teenagers around her feel much older than their actual age.

All schools in Mykolaiv remain closed due to security reasons. Plan International is working with local education partners to refurbish and reconstruct schools with certified bomb shelters, a requirement for schools to be able to eventually reopen.

Plan International and its partners are also working to provide digital learning centres, as well as offline activities and informal learning sessions, as a way of providing school age children and adolescents opportunities to engage with other kids their age face to face.

We need to remember that even though we’ve got used to explosions, sirens, and everything else, for children and adolescents, it’s a lot to handle. And we need to support them and highlight that they are doing really well by facing these challenges and living through them.

Ukraine War: One Year On

In the darkest moments, we need hope. With your ongoing support, children from Ukraine have found safety, warmth, a new school and someone to talk to. But one year on, the conflict in Ukraine continues, with no end in sight to the fighting or the suffering.

Because of you, we are here, alongside our partners, and will be until we are no longer needed. Please continue supporting children.


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We’re proud to be a founding member of Emergency Action Alliance, a collective of Australian based aid organisations that uses its reach and resources to save lives around the world.

When the Emergency Action Alliance launches a combined emergency appeal on behalf the member organisations, Plan International receives a proportion of the funds raised to put toward our humanitarian response. This is in addition to donations Plan International receives directly from generous people like you and allows us to extend our reach and be more effective, more quickly.

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