Education is Everything

For millions of girls, education is a lifeline – a connection to safety and survival. Yet, each day can be a battle to stay in the classroom.

Will you help ensure all girls have access to education?



There’s growing evidence that since the pandemic began, girls around the world are at an even higher risk of forced marriage, early pregnancy and violence.

You can help girls overcome the odds to stay in school.


What if school was your only safety net?

What if it was the one thing that could provide the skills and self-confidence you needed to unlock your dreams? And what if circumstances continuously or permanently prevented you from attending?

Every day, poverty, early motherhood, and violence prevent millions of girls around the world from staying in school. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse.





Praise, 13, Liberia

COVID-19 wil delay girls’ education.

When schools closed in Liberia to stop the spread of COVID-19, girls’ education was most impacted.

Praise, who is in year 7, carves time out of each day to read old school books to not fall too far behind, but finds it hard without anyone to ask questions to or guide her. She worries that her dream to become a fashion designer will never be realised.



A plan to keep girls in school

Currently, 132 million girls are out of school, and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on their education will only worsen. With your support, Plan International can change that. You can help keep more girls in the classroom and access the education they need to unlock their potential.

By giving girls and their families the right support and resources, we can help girls increase high school graduation rates, teach them to know their rights, keep them safe from violence and provide them with the knowledge to become financially independent.
Content warning: The below video contains mention of domestic abuse and still birth.

Will you help?

For these girls, education is everything.

Education can free girls from the threats of forced marriage, pregnancy and child labour. It can increase literacy, numeracy and potential wages and provide broader life skills that empower girls to be leaders and change-makers.

With your donation, we can help keep more girls in the classroom. We can unlock the benefits of an education that will go beyond her lifetime.


Education is everything.