Emergency: Cyclone Yasa


Will you help communities in Fiji facing the devastating impact of Cyclone Yasa?

On Friday 18 December, Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasa hit Fiji with winds reaching over 200km per hour, resulting in the country declaring a State of Natural Disaster.

As the Cyclone moves through the nation, there are fears of mass destruction of property, displacement, flash flooding and landslides.

Right now, child protection and the needs of girls are the highest priority.

We know that after disasters, thousands of children will be in need of shelter, hygiene products, counselling and health care. They’ll be missing school, separated from their families, and experiencing a huge amount of distress.

For girls, crises can also mean a permanent end to their education and an increased danger of gender-based violence, abuse, early marriage and early pregnancy. It’s a life no girl should have to face.

Plan International Fiji are conducting a rapid assessment of the immediate needs of girls and families affected by Cyclone Yasa. Once we have a better idea of the scale of the disaster, we will work with communities to identify child protection concerns and determine what support they require, be it food, shelter, hygiene products.

How you can help

By donating today, you can support children and communities in Fiji and all around the world to survive, recover and rebuild in the wake of crises and make sure the unique needs of girls are not ignored.

Should the funds raised for this appeal exceed the amount required to meet the needs of the project, Plan International will use the excess funds to help others in disaster situations, where humanitarian relief in the face of an emergency is critical.

Your donation can help all children thrive, and girls take their rightful place as equals.

Will you help?

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Photos: Josephine Prasad’