COVID-19: A race against the spread

Families in India and Asia are facing a huge next wave without the oxygen, care centres and health supplies they need to survive. We must act now.

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Photographer: Plan International
With your support, we aim to reach more than 6,000 of the most vulnerable families in India with food ration packages and hygiene kits.

Over a year on from the first COVID-19 infection, communities around the world are still facing the devastating impacts of the deadly virus. Now, countries like India are facing a violent next wave – threatening millions of lives.

As cases in India surpass 18 million, hospitals are completely overwhelmed. There is currently a massive shortage of oxygen, hospital beds and personal protective equipment for frontline health workers. Families have exhausted their savings during the five-month lockdown across the country, which means many are now running out of food.

Children – particularly girls – are going hungry, and their safety is at risk with schools closed indefinitely. This is leading to spikes in violence and skyrocketing rates of child marriage for girls.

India’s next wave is now spilling over into neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar. This is set to kick-start a regional crisis that could be worse than anything we’ve seen.

That’s why we need you. Will you urgently donate to help children and communities around the world access assistance like food, oxygen, information, medical care centres and health supplies they need to avert disaster?

Photographer: Plan International
Your gift can help us increase the reach of our mass awareness promotion – particularly among girls, young women, children and vulnerable young people – to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in India.

Help communities around the world facing a deadly next wave of COVID-19

Without your help, we will see more and more communities at risk

While India is currently the worst-affected country on earth, the rise in new waves around the world could see more children and communities experiencing a disaster like the one India is battling right now. Not just infection, but families going hungry, girls facing early marriage and children never going back to school.

In places like the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, low testing rates mean it’s impossible to know the true extent of infection of COVID-19. Cases are likely much higher than official figures, which puts intense strain on an already compromised health system.

Until every country is safe, everyone is at risk.

That’s why we’re calling on your support today. Here’s how your donation could help families in India and beyond:

  • Supply care and treatment centres with oxygen machines needed to treat COVID-19 patients
  • Deliver food baskets to families in urban and rural areas facing food shortages
  • Provide doctors, nurses, frontline health workers and other workers with personal protective equipment to enable them to continue delivering services to COVID-19 patients
  • Run awareness campaigns detailing how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including tackling stigma and myths surrounding vaccinations
  • Set up temporary COVID-19 care centres where patients can access care, treatment and nutrition
  • Improve access to counselling and referral services for survivors of domestic violence as a result of stress caused by COVID-19
  • Ensure children continue to receive education despite COVID-19 restrictions
  • Provide easier access to clean water for proper hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19


COVID-19 is a serious threat – but you can donate today and take direct action to protect children and their communities from infection, hunger and violence.


Photographer: Plan International
Plan International is responding to the Covid-19 crisis in eight states in India, covering 29 districts. We are distributing food ration packages and hygiene kits, and raising hygiene awareness to help prevent the virus spreading further.

We cannot afford to wait on this. Will you help?