COVID-19 started as a health crisis.

Now, it’s triggered a new and unprecedented global emergency that could see children and families face starvation and violence.

Will you help?


COVID-19 is the biggest and most challenging health crisis the world has faced in recent history. While we know that the virus affects everyone, vulnerable communities stand to lose the most – and not just from infection. Due to food shortages, loss of income and disrupted supply chains, millions of people all over the world are facing hunger and starvation. This emerging food crisis is also leading to spikes in violence and skyrocketing rates of child marriage, and girls are the most at risk.

That’s why we need you.

Will you urgently donate to provide children around the world with critical food supplies, hygiene products to halt the spread of COVID-19, and help strengthen child-protection systems to keep girls safe?

Every dollar you give will be matched by our international partners.

On top of COVID-19, children now face new challenges. Will you help?

COVID-19 poses unique dangers to girls

While children are not the most at-risk group when it comes to contracting COVID-19 many are experiencing food shortages as the virus halts food supplies and leaves many families without an income. This is particularly true for girls. Girls and women are being fed the least and last. This is having a greater impact on their health – and leaving them weakened and in real danger if the virus hits. Desperate to source food for their families, girls are travelling farther to gather food and are often forced to beg, putting them at direct risk of exploitation and violence.

Some families are seeing no other option but to accept a dowry and marry their young daughters off. For other girls and women who may be forced to live with their abusers because of lockdown, there is an immediate danger of physical, sexual and emotional violence.

Without your help, COVID-19 could undo years of progress for girls.

That’s why we’re calling on your support today. Here’s how your donation will help:


Food and Health

  • Distribute life-saving food packages and emergency food to communities most at risk.
  • Support families facing financial hardship with instant cash transfers.
  • Assist health care workers to address the unique needs of women and girls during this pandemic, including providing education on the importance of continuing vaccinations.


Child Protection

  • Provide targeted psychosocial support to vulnerable households and children, such as girls at risk of domestic violence and child marriage.
  • Ramp up child-protection mechanisms to identify girls at risk during isolation and notify authorities of girls in immediate danger.

Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Increase water, soap, and sanitation facilities to urgently prevent the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities.
  • Drive public-health awareness of COVID-19 via TV, internet, radio, posters so communities understand the severity of the situation and ensure that everyone, including children, are looked after during this pandemic.

On top of COVID-19, children now face new challenges. Will you help?