Disability has been part of Sabita’s life since her accident.

But she won’t let it be her whole story.

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Sabita is like most teenagers. She loved to chat on the phone, explore her town with friends and go to school. Then she had her accident.

After going outside to help hang the washing, Sabita was electrocuted by a dangling wire. When she awoke in a hospital bed and looked up at her father, he tearfully told her she’d been injured, and the doctors had to amputate both her hands.

In that moment, Sabita says she thought her life was over.

Sabita held these fears because too often, girls are judged, abused and denied an education because of their disability. Because of this, they are more likely to face violence, exploitation and exclusion from society.

After the operation when the doctor bring me outside I cried so hard. I didn’t eat anything for one month,
  • says Sabita.

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During a global crisis like COVID-19, this discrimination can become deadly.

In the shadow of COVID-19, supporting girls like Sabita is more important than ever. From past pandemics like the Ebola virus, I know that girls will be more likely to face violence at home, child marriage, extreme hunger and a permanent end to their education.

Because of their unique needs, girls with disabilities are additionally discriminated against, amplifying all these risks.

That’s why we need to act now.


By standing with us, you can help:

  • Make sure all child protection systems cater for the unique needs of girls with disabilities.
  • Work with community leaders and police to keep girls safe and monitor those at risk.
  • Ensure children with disabilities can access inclusive education that is adequately set up for their needs.
  • Support girls with disabilities living through crises, be they floods, earthquakes or COVID-19, providing accessible information and supplies to ensure they aren’t left behind.



We need to challenge systems and attitudes that hold girls with disabilities back.

Sabita’s story is how things should be. But too often, it’s not how they are.

Too often, we hear stories about girls with physical or mental disabilities being ignored, abused and denied their rights.

By standing with girls and supporting them to live the lives they choose, we’re working towards a better, more equal world for all. Because a better now for her means a better future for everyone. Will you help?

During a global crisis like COVID-19, this discrimination can become deadly.