Five years is the standard length of many institutional grants, for good reason. One of the benefits of multi-year funding is that the project or projects the investment supports are able to continue past year one and evolve to be the best they can be. By sticking with GEEFund for five years, you can help create long-term, sustainable change for communities. Whether this is in the form of infrastructure updates, changes in community behaviour around gender equality or resources that support children to learn, your long-term commitment can help create change that will last beyond the lifetime of a single project.
To become part of GEEFund, we ask that you commit to investing a minimum of $5,000 a year over a period of five years. Your generosity with this amount allows for the pool to leverage funds from institutional donors. Institutional grant funds typically require a public gift match (usually 5-10%). By committing to GEEFund’s multi-year pledge, we can create reliable income stream to ensure an ongoing gift match, which unlocks multi-year grants from institutional partners and ensures we can support projects long enough to see true transformation for communities. GEEFund aims to double the impact of your dollar every year. However, there have been times in the past where we have successfully leveraged donations from individuals by 8x-10x via our institutional grants.
Plan International Australia is committed to maximising expenditure on programming and our impact for girls and their communities, while balancing that with the expenditure necessary to keep our work going. Every year, about 80% of your investment will go directly towards transformative programs that help keep girls in school and create change for everyone. The remaining 20% goes to accountability and administration so we can continue to grow and maintain our programs, support our expert staff to deliver solutions and ensure the organisation remains ethical, compliant and sustainable for years to come.
Investments into GEEFund are directed toward existing and new programs and activities that help to remove the barriers to education that girls face. To keep you updated on the change you are creating through GEEFund, we will provide you with an Impact Report every year that details the types of programs GEEFund has supported and some of the case studies from communities that demonstrate the change you are helping create.
At Plan International Australia, we believe all our work should do more than provide a short-term fix. That’s why we work in partnership with communities, governments, local organisations and other groups to create change that lasts. GEEFund follows this principle but has one clear difference – because it’s a multi-year commitment, it allows us to secure multi-year grants from other institutions. This means we can dedicate more of our time and resources into creating a world where girls can go to school and all children can thrive.
No, the GEEFund is not an endowment fund. By that, we mean that the money donated to the GEEFund is not held as a corpus to be invested over time. The money you contribute is distributed annually to the programs and activities powered by the GEEFund so that we can drive effective change urgently and immediately.
Yes, absolutely. GEEFund is available to any group who is committed to girls’ education and can commit over a period of five years.
If you’d like to discuss a more bespoke way of giving, speak to Steffi Chang, our Key Relationships Manager, by emailing [email protected].

How can you get involved?

Every girl has the right to go to school, pursue the life she wants, and own the decisions that will shape her future. Only then can we achieve lasting change for all.

If you would like to be part of making this a reality, please contact our Key Relationships Manager, Steffi Chang, by calling 0455 932 846 or emailing [email protected].



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