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Photo: Girl who is advocating to end child marriage in Maguindanao. © Plan International / Michael Perfecto

By adding your name, you’re standing with the millions of girls and young women around the world in demanding that we stop child trafficking.

Girls like Hannah* and Angela*.

CONTENT WARNING: Mention of child trafficking and physical, sexual and emotional violence.

I felt as if the whole world was against me.
  • Hannah*, age at the time unknown.

After Hannah’s parents split up and the grandmother who was raising her died, Hannah stopped going to school and struggled to survive.

A friend told her to come to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, where she’d find work. But when she got there, Hannah’s friend brought her to a woman who forced her into sex work.

“I used to go to the road and stand there. If I made money, she would not give me any [of it],” says Hannah. “[The woman] said that [she] knew someone in America to take care of me … But all those things were lies”.

Hannah was scared and trapped. But eventually, she met a woman at church who took her to a safe house. Now 22, she hopes to go to school and help girls just like her.

I want to become a lawyer, to work for girls. To fight for girls and fight for people who cannot fight for themselves.

Photo: Hannah* is now living in a safe house where she is learning the skills she needs to build a better life. © Plan International / Grace Ekpu

Will you stand with us to help end trafficking?


When Angela* was 13, she went to live with her older sister Grace* in the city, who promised to pay for her education.

My sister wanted to stop because she felt the police were after her.
  • Angela, then 13.

What she didn’t know was that her sister made money performing sexual acts online. And when the clients wanted someone younger, Grace forced Angela to do the same.

Angela trusted Grace, and didn’t know what she was being forced to do was wrong until she overheard Grace saying she was worried the police knew what she was doing.

Two years after the abuse began, the police came to the door and freed her. Angela is now safe and living in a government-funded care home where girls like her can receive rehabilitation and support.

I hope (other girl survivors) too can finish their education and find stable jobs so we will not become victims again.

Photo: Girl who is advocating to end child marriage in Maguindanao. © Plan International / Michael Perfecto

Want to go further? Join Change for Girls to help end child trafficking and empower girls to choose their own future.


Plan International Australia’s programs help all children thrive, and girls take their rightful place as equals. Without poverty, violence and trafficking.

By educating girls, their families and communities on the dangers of trafficking, and putting protective measures in place, we can keep girls safe from the trauma that Hannah and Angela endured.

Will you stand with us to help end trafficking and support girls to reclaim their life stories?

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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