For our Futures: Youth Voices on Climate Justice and Education

The climate crisis is not gender neutral. It is impacting girls first and worst, particularly in the poorest countries which are the least responsible for climate change. Girls in these communities are experiencing the most severe impacts of the climate crisis daily.

We want to tell leaders how the climate crisis is impacting your education. We need your help to make this happen. Our rights, as young people, and our planet are at stake.

If you are a girl, young woman or gender diverse young person, aged 10 to 24, we’d love to hear your story. Please fill in our survey. Your voice is powerful.

How has climate change impacted your education?

Disrupted futures: The climate crisis and the impact on youth education

A group of youth activists from Australia, Nepal and Indonesia have come together to map the impact of the climate crisis on girls’ right to an education, and what they want to see done about it.

In the next two years, it is predicted that more than 12.5 million girls may be prevented from completing their schooling each year, because of climate change. But this is not just a future problem. Schools have already closed due to bushfires, floods and heatwaves.

This project will look at:

  • How does the climate crisis affect girls’ education?
  • What changes do girls want, to protect their education?
  • How do we use intersectionality to fight the climate crisis through education?

When families are under pressure, girls are often the last to eat and the first to be pulled out of school. Being out of school doesn’t just have devastating consequences for girls’ life opportunities – it places them at risk of teen pregnancy, child marriage, and gender-based violence.

Young people as experts in our own lived experience

The youth activists will use a Feminist Participatory Action Research approach, which recognises that young people are the experts in their own experience. The youth activists have co-designed this research, and they will launch a report and campaign on the solutions young people want to see, later this year.

If you would like more information about this questionnaire please contact Jen Merryweather.