Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion program review

Terms of reference

Plan International Australia (PIA) is seeking a consultant to conduct a gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) review, and establish a GEDSI baseline for PIA supported programs. The approach of this consultancy is to be participatory, collaborative and iterative in nature, with the engagement of PIA staff and partners in the process of GEDSI review and baselining as important as the end result.

Key activities and deliverables

The activities described below represent a suggestion for how this consultancy should broadly proceed, noting that PIA is keen to support an iterative and agile form of working, such that adjustments to the specific tasks can be mutually agreed to, on an as needs basis and as the process of the GEDSI review and baseline evolves.

  1. Discuss and agree upon ways of working and an iterative process and timeline for the consultancy
  2. Review core background documentation supplied by PIA staff to help inform the process.
  3. Identify and agree with PIA staff upon a purposive sample of projects that will be used for the GEDSI review and will form the baseline.
  4. Engage with core PIA staff and partner staff through a series of individual or group meetings in order to understand their expectations and how to best ensure a GEDSI review process which is of maximum value from a learning and informing perspective.
  5. Speak with key staff at Plan International (PI) global hub to better understand the tools and guidance which exists on gender transformative practice, disability and social inclusion and the experience of PI to date, in applying the GT tools including GT Marker and progressing GT practice.
  6. Consult with select country office (CO) partners on existing documented examples of the gender transformative marker’ being applied for PIA-funded programs (and potentially non PIA-funded programs if this enables an opportunity for learning). Where CO staff have time, speak with these staff to learn from their experience of using the tool.
  7. Finalise assessment tools for gender transformative practice, disability and social inclusion for setting the baseline.
  8. Organise and deliver a series of workshops (maximum 3) with staff and implementing partners (including Plan Pacific colleagues) to apply the gender transformative tool to assess the individual projects, ensuring that disability and social inclusion is also assessed and discussed. Ensure that the process of applying the tool involves a depth of discussion and participatory learning and produces practical recommendations for ‘improvement’ in GT elements of the Project. Where desirable and helpful, invite external parties to participate or speak at these workshops, so that there are external perspectives and ideas to listen to and learn from.
  9. Document and write-up the GEDSI review and baseline report, in which a process for GEDSI baselining is established, an actual baseline for FY22 is documented and established, learnings have been captured and key recommendations to improve GT outcomes is made. Present this report to all PIA staff and stakeholders.


Implementation of work detailed in this Terms of Reference (PDF 600KB) is to be undertaken by the Contractor between 1 February 2022 – June 2022. All tasks are to be completed no later than June 2022.


Remote work, with in person Melbourne-based workshops desirable, subject to COVID-19 restrictions and dependent upon the base location of the consultant (the base location of the consultant will not affect or influence the selection process). The consultant may also elect to have a nominee to work alongside for parts of the consultancy should they so wish, e.g. assisting with the workshops, or inviting speakers.

Submission details

Interested consultants should submit a cover letter and CV for this consultancy, no later than 7 February 2022. The cover letter should include mention of the consultants relevant experience and an indication of their daily fee.

Send your submission to:
Jan Parry, Associate Director, International Impact , and
Tanushree Soni, Senior Program Manager, Girls and Women’s Empowerment
Email: [email protected]

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF 600KB)