Sponsor a child in Thailand

Sponsoring a child in Thailand with Plan international is one of the easiest ways to improve the lives of all children and to make sure girls have access to equal opportunities.


By becoming a child sponsor, you guarantee a child – and all children in their community – have everything they need to grow, learn and plan for their futures.


You help tackle the root causes of discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability, and support some of the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive.

Key Challenges for children in Thailand


  • Child marriage is still a serious concern in Thailand, particularly in rural areas. Twenty three percent of girls marry before they reach the age of 18, and four percent marry before age 15.
  • Thailand is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, due to its location and dependence on rain for water and food security. In recent years the country has been severely impacted by climate-related disasters, such as flooding, landslides, and droughts.
  • Bangkok is one of the most polluted cities in the world, due to smog from vehicle exhaust, industrial pollution, and farmers burning fields outside of the city.


How your support is helping children in Thailand


Youth advocates from across Asia gathered in Bangkok recently for an event hosted by Plan International and the United Nations Population Fund. Coinciding with the launch of two child marriage research reports, the event gave youth advocates a platform to share their personal challenges and to demand their rights be respected and protected. The reports outline a range of innovative strategies to end child marriage in Asia, and globally, by 2030.


Yes, I’ll sponsor a child in Thailand and support a whole community to thrive

Sponsor a child in Thailand