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We're supporting girls to speak up for equality.

We're thrilled to have found you, because we think you’re a lot like us.

You see the power and potential of young people all over the world. You want a future that values love, kindness, compassion and fairness for all. Yet you, just like us, are frustrated at the day-to-day challenges and societal issues that hold children, young people and girls in particular back.

Girls are done with being overlooked, abused and ignored.

Girls are the key. When valued, their whole community benefits. So we’re working with phenomenal girls and young women who can change the world – with you standing beside them.

 Together we have already seen real change:

  • In 2017 young men and women in Malawi, backed by thousands of Plan International’s supporters globally, saw child marriage fully outlawed.
  • In 2018 two of our youth activists, backed by Plan International supporters, saw their mayor commit to implementing an awareness campaign to end child trafficking in Nepal.
  • In 2018 our supporters have already raised over $40,000 (and counting!) to help girls in Vietnam make their cities safer.

This is REAL change that means girls are seen, heard and included. Now we need you. We need your passion, your values and your vision for the future ready to take the next action, and the next. The actions might seem small, but they mean a world of difference.

Change takes time and it takes an ongoing, united group of individuals who believe that young people can change the world, as long as their voices are heard. It takes a chorus of people to talk truth to power and phenomenal as our young people are, they simply can’t do it alone. We want you to be part of our global movement for girls.

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