News and Stories - Health - 3rd December 2015

Taking life on

Taking life on

Today is the International Day of People with Disabilities.

At Plan International, including all children is a priority all year round.

Living with a disability in any country comes with challenges. But in the poorest regions of the world, it’s even more difficult. Toilets, education, and playtime are life must-haves, but rarely accessible for kids with disabilities. Plus, there’s the issue of community stigma – something no one deserves.

All children must have access to their rights. Which is why we’re working hard to make sure they do. This International Day of People with Disabilities meet five kids living with disabilities and taking life on.

At Plan, we have a commitment to people with disability by breaking barriers to education, work, and community participation. Want to join us? Donate to our work, that includes a focus on getting young people with disabilities into decent work.

School Girls 2013

One billion people worldwide are living with a disability. 80% of them live in the world’s poorest countries.

Hortence, 9, Togo

Hortence Togo

Love Hortence’s smile? So do we. At nine years old, she needs a leg support to help her to walk, but she hasn’t let that stop her from going to school or playing with friends. With the support of Plan International, she has received physiotherapy and a leg brace to help with her mobility. Ramps have been fitted at her school, and teachers are getting training on including kids in class.

Anang, 11, Indonesia

Anang Indonesia

Eleven-year-old Anang lives with his family in Central Java, Indonesia. Anang has difficulties seeing and hearing and he was unable to walk for many years. Whenever Anang went to school, his mother would have to carry him on her shoulders. He’s now in grade six and travels to school in a wheelchair. His teachers have also received training to teach children with disabilities and, with their support, Anang has now learned to stand and walk on his own. Nice one, Anang!

Kapri, 11, Sierra Leone

Kapri Sierra Leone

Kapri wants to be president when he finishes school. He also wants to build houses and schools for people with disabilities. Why? Because he has one himself: polio. Now that he’s at school, he’s well on his way to achieving his dreams. Plan International is running a disability inclusion program at his school so all children are able to participate and learn.

Christine, 4, Togo

Christine Togo

At four years old, Christine has cerebral palsy. When she was younger she was unable to stand, sit or move. Her mother saw her as a burden. Now she’s receiving rehabilitation sessions and can now sit up on her own and her mobility has improved. Christine and her mother are hopeful that one day she will be able to walk.

Memunatu, 16, Sierra Leone

Memunatu Sierra Leone

Memunatu wants to be a nurse when she leaves school – she has a particular interest in helping people with disabilities because she has one. She has difficulty walking and didn’t always enjoy school. She didn’t like being left alone and going out to play. But a disability inclusion program has been changing attitudes and improving ways for kids with disabilities to get involved.

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