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How I’m giving equal: By Hannah

How I’m giving equal: By Hannah

Don’t know what to Give Equal to? Neither did I, but this might help you decide!

Deciding to sign up for Give Equal was easy. I care about equality for girls as much as the next Plan International staff member (read: A LOT).

The hardest part for me was trying to decide what to Give Equal to.

I don’t drink coffee.I like shopping, but I don’t spend money on any one thing regularly enough to warrant it as my chosen nicety.

I finally settled on my yoga membership.

I’m one of those people who signs up to a gym or fitness fad, attends said activity for a few weeks (am I #fitspo yet?) and then ever so slowly I attend classes less and less until I never set foot there again.

Me retreating from every activity I sign up for:

That’s the direction my relationship with yoga was heading when I signed up for Give Equal.

I thought it would be a good way to get back on the yoga-bandwagon (because it’s great for my mental health), while putting my money towards something that I deeply care about – equality for girls.

On Friday evening I finally returned to my local palo-santo scented sanctuary of zen and so began my foray into giving equal.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about getting back on the yoga mat, as it had been a while between downward dogs.

I made my way up the stairs and checked in with the receptionist who greeted me like a new client because, hey, I haven’t been here for months!

I chose a yin class to ease back into my practice – for the yoga novices out there, yin is a slow-paced style where you hold poses for long periods. It’s basically a fancy name for ‘stretching’.

At the end of the class, the teacher invited us to lie down for shavasana or corpse pose. The name is a little morbid, I agree, but just imagine it as the adult version of Dead Fish (with less competition and more relaxation).

During this final pose, my mind did wander (don’t tell the teacher) to Give Equal.

I recall thinking that I probably wouldn’t be lying here had I not signed up for Give Equal, and I imagined a girl somewhere across the other side of the world, who might be benefiting because I gave equal to this yoga class. Perhaps I helped her to stay in school. Or allowed her to obtain a birth certificate that would protect her from getting married too young. Maybe I helped her start a business.

I realised it doesn’t really matter what we Give Equal to. What’s more important is reflecting on the money we spend on little luxuries, and how that same amount can hugely impact the life of a girl.

Knowing that I was making a difference in a girls’ life in such a simple way that required so little was a rewarding thought.

Leaving the studio that night, I felt pretty good. And it wasn’t just the downward dog.

Are you ready to Give Equal? Sign up now!

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