News and Stories - Child Rights - 12th April 2017

Five ways you can help Syria’s children

Five ways you can help Syria’s children

Syria is back in the headlines after a horrific chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib Province. Right now our newsfeeds are flooded with heartbreaking images of children struggling for breath, dying in their parents’ arms. But after six years of inhumane, relentless war and suffering we’re left asking: what can I do?

It is time for us all as a global community to stand together and demand justice for Syria’s children. We can show that we care, that we’ll hold our governments to account and that we won’t stand by and let children and adults suffer atrocities like this. This is what we can do here and now to help people in Syria:

  1. Donate: There is immediate need for humanitarian aid on the ground in Syria. We can support incredible humanitarian agencies, including our partners International Medical Corps who are working in Syria right now. SBS has compiled a list of organisations you can support.
  2. Write to our Foreign Minister: You can tweet to Julie Bishop at @JulieBishopMP and demand diplomatic action. You can also write to the Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong or tweet your concerns to her @SenatorWong
  3. Stay informed: There are trusted world news sources like the BBC and Al Jazeera dedicated to bringing us the information we need to ensure we hold governments to account.
  4. Share their stories: We cannot look away from this crisis. We need to share these stories with our friends and family, tell them why you care, why this matters to you. Our Deputy CEO Susanne Legana wrote this piece on what the war in Syria means to her as a mother, and you can open up the same conversation with the people in your life.
  5. Support Syrians who have fled: The trauma of war and leaving your home doesn’t dissipate when you cross the border. We’re supporting children and families as they navigate their new homes and lives and try to find a sense of normalcy and belonging. You can help support the health and safety of refugees by donating.

These actions might seem small, but they’re essential. If each of us takes meaningful, informed action we can create global pressure that will see the end of this conflict and help Syrians who are suffering now. The world does see Syria and the world does care. It’s time that we showed it.

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