News and Stories - Advocacy - 12 October 2018

International Day of the Girl: A Recap

International Day of the Girl: A Recap

Yesterday girls stepped into the shoes of presidents, CEO’s and managers.

Yesterday girls took over the streets of Sydney, asking decision makers and law enforcement to step into their shoes, to see the city and its dangers from a different perspective.

Yesterday girls realised their potential as leaders, experienced how it feels to be heard and saw that they are capable of bringing about great change.

Why was yesterday such an exciting, progress-filled and inspiring day for girls? Because it was International Day of the Girl of course!

It was also the perfect time for us to launch our latest reports, Unsafe in the City: the State of the World’s Girls and Unsafe in the City: Sydney, in which we revealed alarming findings on the prevalence of harassment and violence faced by girls in five cities around the world, starting a conversation towards change by shedding light on the issue.

As dedicated campaigners for girl’s rights, it’s safe to say Plan International and our passionate youth activists made headlines and if you were in front of a screen at all yesterday, it was hard to miss us!

We were tweeted about:

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We were in your office:

We were in your streets:

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All around the globe, #DayoftheGirl and #GirlsTakeover movements gave focus to the power of girls, not only empowering girls to see this potential in themselves, but letting the world see that, when given the opportunity, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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