How you can help girls feel safer in cities this Christmas 

How you can help girls feel safer in cities this Christmas 

For $45, you can teach a girl how to be safe in Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of Plan International Australia’s safer cities program. Plan's
safety walks for girls teach participants about the importance of being aware of their surroundings, sticking to locations where they can be seen and heard, and where to get help if needed. 

For $126, Plan can establish a girls club and safe meeting space, also in Hanoi. These clubs bring together girls to learn about safety issues, share experiences and ideas and develop leadership skills. Safe spaces empower girls to become ambassadors of change, who then work to transform their cities in safer cities.  

These are just a few examples of gifts of hope available through Plan International Australia’s website at this Christmas. Come on, join us in our work, together we can achieve so much more for girls! 

You could also
  • one whole year of healthy breakfasts at school every day for a child in Siam Reap, Cambodia for $30
  • a bee hive for a family in Zimbabwe, boosting local livelihoods and ecosystems, for $120 
  • in disaster-affected areas, $25 will buy a back to school kit for a child, the kit includes: a backpack, pencils, books and crayons

“There’s a gift of hope for everyone in your family available through Plan – and everyone else you want to wish well this Christmas – what could be better than a gift of hope?” said Plan International Australia CEO Ian Wishart. “Gifts of hope are unique, and make a real difference to someone in the world who has very little."

The safety walk and girls’ club and safe meeting space in Hanoi are new to Plan's gifts of hope shop in 2016.

“Following the huge response to our safer cities work here in Australia this year, including overwhelming support for our free to be safer cities mapping tool and research we launched regarding girls’ safety in cities across Australia, we wanted to provide people with the opportunity to support vulnerable girls in cities where we know they feel unsafe,” added Mr Wishart.

Plan’s safer cities program aims to create cities where girls can thrive. In Hanoi, among other things, Plan is helping make bus travel safer, working with girls, bus drivers and ticket collectors so girls can travel independently around the city.

For every gift of hope you choose, you receive a free gift card. Inside, you can add your own personal message while the recipient can read how their gift will help transform lives. Browse Plan’s gifts of hope shop here:

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