There are few issues as contentious as the plight of refugees and our role as a global community to support people who have been displaced. Right now we’re witnessing a global humanitarian crisis at a scale that we’ve never seen before. The news is filled with stories of treacherous journeys, camps the size of cities, uncertain futures, inhumane conditions and constant debates about what the solution should be. For kids, it can be overwhelming and difficult to understand when they see other children like them suffering.

To mark World Humanitarian Day we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate some of the difficult questions about the refugee crisis and help you have open conversations with your kids.





We want children to feel safe to ask questions and learn about the world and we want them to feel empowered to help and drive change. It’s with this aim that we’ve put this guide together. We hope it’s a handy tool for your family to navigate what will no doubt be an ongoing issue for years to come.



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