We’re listening

We met with you, our supporters. This is what you had to say.

This year we had the opportunity to meet with you, our supporters in your home states, with our CEO Ian Wishart visiting major capital cities to meet with supporters.

The purpose of this trip was to thank you for all you do to make change in the lives of children and their communities all over the world.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to get your insights into our new direction, keep you up to date with our work and pick your brains about how we can improve your experience as supporters.

This year’s annual report is just one of the ways we’re working to take your feedback on board. The depth of work that we do at Plan International and the range of issues we tackle with communities can sometimes get lost in communication, or not be communicated at all. This report is designed to be a transparent, open and rich source of the information you asked us for and that we will continue to improve with your feedback.

“It was lovely to learn so much about Plan International. I had no idea of the intricacies that went on behind the scenes, how locations/projects/children were chosen, how agencies are allocated in crisis situations etc. It was wonderful to feel so comfortable to ask any questions we wanted. Thanks for a great evening.”

Supporter feedback

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What we learned

You’re deeply engaged in the work we do. You want more opportunities to help fundraise in the community, to volunteer, to stay in the loop with our direction and help shape it.

You want to know more about the depth of work we do, you want us to be accountable and transparent, to show how projects and programs are selected and what our new direction means for boys, as well as girls.

What is exciting for us is that what you have asked us for is exactly what we’re hoping to deliver. For us it means an active and engaged group of supporters who understand our work and can advocate for real change for the children and young people we work with overseas.

What we’re doing about it

This annual report is one of the first steps in finding new ways to communicate with you, so that you can explore the work we do. Our focus this year will be on creating lots of digital opportunities for you to explore and learn and most importantly feed into. We don’t want this to be a one-way conversation. Just as we hope to amplify the voices of young people everywhere, we want to make sure you have a voice too. That’s the best way we know how to make positive change.

You can find out more about what our supporters had to say by reading the report below or downloading it from this link.