Our people

Our values

Our Values

Our Board and Executive team

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the organisation and is accountable for our actions and the impact of our activities.

Our board is made up of the following members:

Gerry Hueston (Chair), Julie Hamblin (Deputy Chair), Jason Pellegrino, Sally Treeby, Amanda McKenzie, Dr Brian Babington, Michael Corry, Philippa Quinn.

Meet our Board of Directors.

Executive team

Our Executive Team is responsible for providing effective senior leadership to the organisation, by developing our overarching strategy and ensuring its successful implementation.

Meet our Executive team.

Our team

Organisational Chart

Organisational structure chart

Where we work

We welcome, celebrate and value the diversity, dedication and passion of our 115 strong workforce who operate from our Melbourne National Office, in the field with community (overseas and in Homelands, Northern Territory), colleagues and partners in addition to our team(s) based in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PNG, the Solomon Islands and Fiji as a result of Plan International’s expansion in the Pacific.  We also value the staff we partner with in the many Plan International offices around the world.

How we work

We have commenced an exploration and re-envisioning of powerful new ways of working together to support innovation, agile, creativity and collaboration, to enable our people and to align to our strategy, culture and values.  Stage One of a workplace review is underway, incorporating the creation of new work spaces to facilitate collaboration and creative thinking and the sharing of ideas. Stage Two will continue in the new year.

Commitment to inclusion, gender equality and child safe-guarding

The appointment of a new Workplace Inclusion, Gender and Child Protection Advisor re-enforces our commitment to mainstream these priorities across our workforce.  A new Inclusion & Diversity Strategic Plan is underway together with a refreshed review of child protection onboarding and training for all staff, volunteers and partners.  

Our Total Rewards philosophy

Plan International Australia is committed to providing a work environment that attracts, promotes and recognises performance excellence in order to effectively advance the organisation’s purpose and strategic goals. Rewards, financial and non-financial, working conditions and environment are business-critical elements of effective recruitment, selection and retention of quality, talented and attached staff.  

To this end, Plan International has implemented a ‘Total Reward’ philosophy.  The mix of remuneration, benefits, reward, recognition and celebration make up the approach that can be offered to all employees in a fair, transparent and consistent manner and in keeping with our commitment to gender equality, inclusion and to put children first. 


Our volunteers

Plan International Australia’s office-based volunteers play a huge role in the everyday operations of our organisation. We greatly acknowledge – and value – all they bring to our organisation.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are a diverse, committed and passionate group of people who bring a wide variety of life and professional experience to Plan International.

If you’d like to volunteer with us email your CV and areas of interest to recruitment@plan.org.au