Changing a Nation

Girls learn at Digital Learning Centre in New Delhi

Girls learn at Digital Learning Centre in New Delhi.

“The country we were raised in is so poverty stricken. We don’t have kids of our own and we wanted to give back. To better the lives of kids already on the planet."

Born in India, Arun* considers himself lucky to have made a new life for himself in Australia. His upbringing means he is no stranger to hardship, but he is hopeful for the future of children in India. For Arun, the key is education, which is why he and his wife have chosen to leave their entire estate to Plan International.

“If you educate the kids, we can change the face of India. There’s nothing more powerful to change the future of a nation than educating the next generation. For girl children in particular, education will go a long way to removing the stigma that goes along with being a girl child.”

When Arun and his wife came to Australia in 1998, it wasn’t easy for them to establish themselves in a new country.

“We came with two suitcases and nothing else. We lived in a tiny granny flat as students. We worked really hard... I used to sit up late into the night applying for jobs.”

It took many years and a lot of hard work but Arun and his wife found their feet and prospered. They wanted to help children living in India and decided to sponsor a child with us. 

“We chose Plan International because we knew they were active in India and we wanted to help the kids there. We had the good fortune of coming to a better life. We eat better food, breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water. If we can extend that back to kids in India, then let’s do that.”

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are not just living for yourself but you are making a difference to future generations.”

* Name changed at the donor’s request.

Gifts in Wills

Many of our supporters have thoughtfully taken the decision to create a ‘Gift of Hope’ for future generations of vulnerable children by including Plan International Australia in their Will.

Helen is one such person.

Helen began sponsoring a child because she wanted her granddaughter to understand that not all young girls were as fortunate as she.

"Isabella has everything and Rosario doesn’t. I always thought of the child in Guatemala as Isabella’s ‘poor sister’. But as time has gone on and I see the benefits of Plan International’s work, I better understand that Rosario now has a wealth of support.

"When there’s a disaster or crisis, Plan International quickly moves in and looks after the children. The work they do with educating girls and looking after women also resonates – to me that’s essential for the growth of the community."

“I think leaving a gift to Plan International Australia in my Will is a good way to make sure that, beyond the child I sponsor in Guatemala, there will be money to go towards the charity, and the cause, I really believe in.”

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